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27.10.2016 - Gradient Nevada2 Light


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To develop a new glider is not only a matter of love for flying of the Gradient R&D team, but also a matter of their responsibility to bring the pilots something new and improved.

The glider construction is only a first stage. The second stage is tuning the glider. To tune up Nevada2, to give it high performance and stability and to fulfil strict criteria of the EN-B category, that is a difficult challenge. The performance and potential of Nevada2 were finalised at our big XC flying tests in Brazil and South Africa. The glider behaviour was tuned up in Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic.

After a year of intensive work we have achieved our goal and we proudly introduce Nevada2, the glider for occasional pilots and for XC pilots who appreciate potential and passive safeness of the glider.


Nevada2 Light is a special light version of Nevada2. With a unique combination of carefully selected materials its weight is reduced by almost 1000 grams. The Nevada2 Light will be available in sizes 22, 24, 26 and 28. Thanks to a Skytex Everlast in 32g/m2 on the leading edge we have reached longer lifetime than competing gliders without Everlast. The big advantage of the glider is the packing volume which can be significantly reduced. With the Nevada2 Light Gradient offers a wing for those pilots who don't compromise in the EN-B performance, speed and climb, but who additionally need the lowest packing volume and the lowest possible glider weight. This combination makes the Nevada2 Light a wing for hikers, mountaineers and travellers who want to top their adventures with thermaling and XC flying.  

Technical Details

Nevada2 is a purely 3-row glider with only two main lines on each side due to our well proven Gradient DD system. It has only 62 line attachment points. Thanks to that, we achieved the lowest possible number of lines and total line consumption. By a progressive diameter gradation of the unsheathed upper gallery lines and by reduced binding of the brake lines the total area of lines and their aerodynamic drag are minimised. 

For a great transfer of forces from the lines to the whole canopy Gradient used so called Gibus Archs reinforcement, small archs-shaped nylon strings located in the loaded supporting ribs of the B and C rows running chord wise down the rib. The nylon strings in the C diagonals help to smoothen the trailing edge. The leading edge is also smoothed out by nylon strings which are, in case of necessity, easy to replace.

To achieve a good pressurization of the canopy in the whole range of speeds Gradient has developed a new style of cell openings called the VO system.

This style of openings has a very high efficiency in the whole range of angles of attack. It ensures very fast filling of the canopy from the middle towards the ears, which makes the launch and potential collapse recovery quick and easy. It also limits the airflow from the inner space of the canopy towards the upper, suction surface and thanks to that Nevada2 does not lose the climb rate and the forward speed during the flight in thermic and turbulent conditions.

The long lifetime of the canopy and the dimensional stability of the leading edge is ensured by the Skytex Everlast, a double-coated material which was developed by Gradient and Porcher Marine. It ensures a very fast filing.

Ball bearing pulleys of the speed system, thin straps of risers, high quality materials, exceptional manufacturing, and the guarantee of quality Gradient takes for granted.

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