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06.04.2017 - Gradient Aspen6 

         Ny Aspen klar for bestilling - EN-C

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Our development team has started its design work on Aspen 6 during the summer 2016. The development team had still in mind the Nevada2 glider which excels in great manoeuvrability, speed, and safe behaviour. The assignment and the goal were clear but not quite easy. The aim was to transfer newly gained experience into a new generation of high performance glider within the EN-C more

Technical description

The ground plan of Aspen6 canopy is a thin ellipse with small positive distortion of the wing. At the wing tips, a new shape with minimum distortion was used for a minimisation of the induced drag. Together with Gradient VO system the design's approach ensures the minimum aerodynamic drag, high performance and low sink-rate at the whole range of more

Looking inside ...

"Starting to work with the Gradient R&D team only from September 2016 I had the chance to arrive at the really beginning of the Aspen 6 project. It was a great opportunity for me to start working on such an important project straight away. On the first flights I was immediately seduced by the shape of the glider, it was showing such a great improvement compare to the previous generation of Aspens and it included all the latest technologies Gradient had produced and tested along the years I could only praise the designer's work there. I have always been really attached to Gradient's DNA, which means great brake reactivity, handling, speed and performances so I was really looking forward to find these aspects back into the Aspen6. I was not disappointed, already on its very first flights Aspen6 showed great potential in term of handling as well as safety and performances. From the first performances tests we made I could so that the Aspen 6 would be one of the best in its category as more

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