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26.06.2018 - Gradient Golden5 

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Golden5, your reliable partner in any situation

  • Fun & Safety: sensitively balanced stability and pasive safety together with great performance and agility

  • The latest technology: Falcon wingtips, DDsystem, VOsystem

  • Very clean glider design: logical and sophisticated internal structure with clean lines layout.

  • The best choice of top materials available: Gradient is using 100% Porcher Skytex cloth, Edlerid, Liros, Peguet, Harken, Ronstan

  • Developed & produced in our own factory


The Golden5 is the latest wing from the Gradient development team. The wing is the follow-up to the most successful Gradient model ever, the Golden series. The result is pure style, an aerodynamic design with an incomparable variety of uses and the potential to meet the demands of all kinds of pilots.
The agility, lift, performance and speed of the Golden5 are backed up by strong passive safety. Gradient’s typical sensitive handling and immediate feedback means pilots relax and quickly start to fly in harmony with the wing. It makes the Golden5 a truly reliable partner. Flying becomes intuitive, leaving your mind free to concentrate on making decisions about your flight. 
Our aim was to create a glider which would follow tumultuous development of paragliding technology of the last years and at the same time would use the latest know-how in the development of materials. A glider which would bring further improvement of performance and still keep pilot comfort, dynamics, handling and safety typical for Gradient´s gliders. 
The glider also behaves in a calm and predictable way in extreme situations, leaving you confident of your safety while you regain normal flight – no matter if it was you or turbulence that caused the trouble. Flying the Golden5 starts with the typical, easy take-off characteristics Gradient pilots all over the world appreciate. In the air, the Golden5 thermals flat, even when flying small circles. The wing reacts immediately to weight shifting and has precise brakes. Well-balanced wing dynamics and a defined stall point give this intermediate glider typical Gradient handling.

Technical description

Golden5’s ground plan has a slender, elliptical shape with a slight positive contortion of the leading edge and the new shaping of wing tips to minimalize the induced drag. This means that the ears of the canopy are slightly swept back when inflated. This modern design has number of advantages. We have used knowledge and technology which have been used and gained through the development of predecessors such as Nevada2, Aspen6 and Avax-XC5 which all have very good performance and climbing agility. We have optimized everything for the maximum performance and stability at the whole speed range.
The glider’s aerofoils has been specially developed to provide the maximum stability throughout the whole speed range. The leading edge is reinforced with integrated nylon stiffeners. This ensures optimal inflation of the wing and helps to keep the shape of the leading edge perfectly clean even at the maximum speed. 
For perfect force distribution from the lines to the canopy we used the archs with nylon stiffeners in the B and C attachment points. 
This glider has a unique VO system which is an improved shape of the cell openings for better inflation of the wing and for a more smooth air flow between the canopy and surroundings. Small rectangular cell openings for sufficient pressurization during all flight modes and deep V-openings for easy inflation and leading the air flow to the bottom surface of the canopy. The combination of two cell openings shapes significantly reduces the aerodynamic drag during flights in turbulent conditions and keeps the air pressure within the canopy more consistent, especially in rough air. Thanks to the VO system the nose part of profile has a smooth shape. The smooth shape of the canopy delivers the aerodynamic cleanness and small aerodynamic drag. 
The layout of the line attachment points improves stability at the maximum speed – an essential feature of modern gliders. The well-proven three and half rows and three-level line concept with three main lines per a side is used. The suspension system has been created from the highest quality lines (Edelrid and Liros). Main and middle lines are covered. Top-level lines with progressively different diameters are made from special, very strong uncovered lines. Uncovered lines have the advantage of splice loops, giving maximum overall endurance, durability and the lowest possible aerodynamic drag. The sophisticated combination of Dyneema and Aramid lines with different behaviour of shrinking characteristics maintains the right geometry of the suspension system for a long time.  Golden5 is supplied with a well proven three-riser speed-system which gives great maximum speed.

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