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29.07.2018 - Gradient Xstyle 

Xstyle - entry level acro/freestyle glider

When I started to fly acro, the right way to learn was to take a low en B and practice the first maneuvers safely with it until you mastered them. Nowadays people tend to try and go too fast to a freestyle or acro wing; doing so, they waste time and lack safety within their acro progression. For several years, I have been advising pilots around the world to learn acro with an "easier" glider. And that is how the idea of the Xstyle came in. An easy, safe and reliable glider with which it is very easy to learn all the easy maneuvers from wing over, stalls, deep stalls to some more technical ones like the helico, tumbling and so on. I have been giving advice on how to learn acro for quite some time now (through tutorials, magazines or on take-off sites) so when we started to work on the Xstyle with the Gradient R&D team I had a pretty clear idea on how the glider should be behaving and what its characteristics should be. The ideas behind the Xstyle was to have a very safe glider which every pilot could fly safely while still being able to give the energy needed for the acro tricks. I tried to put all my knowledge and experience into trimming this glider so it could give the opportunity to every pilot to learn and train acro safely. The Xstyle has a precise but still long brake range, a custom-designed brake setting in order to have easier and more stable helicos and a huge passive safety during all the shoots and collapses that young acro trainees may encounter. I am confident that the Xstyle will be able to put smiles on the face of every pilot and help them go further into their acro career.

Théo de Blic, GRADIENT R&D Team

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