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13.07.2019 - Gradient Montana 3

 Lettvektsutgave av Golden 5. Ca 1 kg lettere


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Montana3 – Light and durable hike&fly glider

Montana3 is a light glider with high passive safety and can be used for any type of flying. It is designed not only for the passionate hike and fly pilot but also for the occasional pilot who wants a light and easily packable glider with a long life span.

To prolong the wing‘s life span, Montana3 has been designed and created from the best possible materials. Skytex by Porcher is used for the whole wing. For the section of glider which endures the most stress - the middle of the top layer - we chose Skytex 32g/m2 especially for its longevity. For the bottom layer and non-supporting ribs, we decided to use the lightest fabric, Skytex 27g/m2. The lines are made of Aramid and Dyneema from well-known manufacturers Liros and Edelrid. The risers are made from light 15mm wide webbing.

Montana3 is simple to launch, even in tricky conditions. Thanks to durable material on the top layer and covered main lines, it is possible to take off even from rocky ground with minimal risk of damage to the wing. During flight, Montana3 is stable even when flying at full speed. In turbulent air, the glider is solid and maintains its performance. Montana3 has easy and intuitive handling with excellent performance for its certification. Landings are easy and Montana3 flares nicely. Thanks to the glider‘s great performance potential and wide range of flight speed, it is possible to land even in tricky spots.

Light and durable materials, easy handling, the latest technologies, high quality of manufacturing processes and completely made in Europe… That‘s Montana3.

Used technologies:

Falcon wingtips – lowered twist of the wingtips for minimalisation of the induced drag

VO system – the shape of cell openings is optimised for perfect pressurization within canopy across the whole range of speed

DD system – diagonal ribs going through two cells to reduce the overall length of lines

Cleaning system – for easy removal of any dirt in the canopy

Nylon arch reinforcement system – the nylon ribs around the line loops and within the leading edge allow for perfect force distribution from the lines into the canopy

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